Insta-Baddie Nails For Cheap!
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DIY Fake Nails At Home (No Acrylic)- Day 2 of #31daysofDIY

Insta Baddie Nails! I tried making my nails at home a few months back… and I’m not ever going back to the salon (don’t quote me on this!) But its true, I might not ever get my finger nails done at the nail salon ever again. Here’s a list of reasons why: A session at the nail salon is equivalent to three meters of good quality fabric, or better yet, a pack of hot glue gun sticks! Its super fun and fulfilling when you do your nails at home, why would you want to deny yourself that kind of fun?? Why?? Honestly?! Also, you save yourself some serious cash when you do this at home by yourself. Who doesn’t love a bit of savings? The last reason makes me the happiest! (obvs) And I’ll show you how I save in a few, but 1st, You’ll need: Fake Acrylic Nails –…

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issa rae inspired tshirts
DIY living

Issa Rae (Insecure Season 2) Inspired T-shirts- Day 1 of #DIYcember

Issa Rae Inspired T-Shirts Someone call the fire department because I’m on fire! At least these T-shirts are. Insecure season 2 was lit yo! It was all kinds of feelings for me. I felt really sad for Issa, I mean, she had to move out of her house and live with her brother, she lost her car, might also lose her job and the worst thing about all this, she can’t have the man she loves, because well, she cheated on him and he kind of hates her. Damn:( Regardless, her T-shirt game was bomb AF! Literally ‘saying it with the chest’. I got so inspired to make mine as well and it’s unbelievable how easy these were to make. You need: Acrylic paint/ Fabric Paint – I got mine for Kes 400 at Science Scope next to Nation Center in the Nairobi CBD Clear Binding sheets- Had a bunch…

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diy offshoulder top
DIY living

How to make an off-shoulder top from a man’s shirt

Hey my loves, Happy New Month!:) Guess who’s back, ME!! I am on a 30 day DIY challenge. Basically, I’ll make an item for the next 30 days and I’ll make sure to share with you guys on Instagram and at times on this space. Join me as we see what I can come up with. For day 1, I decided to share with you guys this super easy tutorial on this easy DIY off-shoulder top. Off-shoulder tops seem to be a trend that’s not going out of style soon. I know I’m abit late to the party, but better late than never, right?? right????? So I made my very own off-shoulder top and thought to share it with you. I got the shirt I used from a thrift store around my home for Kes 150. I loved the design on the shirt and the texture. The whole process took…

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diy stamped pillow cases
Decor, DIY living

How to stamp your pillowcases using a fork

Stamped Pillow Cases Hi Everyone, My name is Moe and I stamp on a daily. I have been stamping endless you guys! At least since like two months ago when I discovered what it was all about and I’ve been experimenting with different types of items just to see what item makes the best stamps. I was most impressed by the patterns that the fork made , so much so I decided to share with you guys.  I had so much fun making these white and black linen pillow cases but I thought they looked so plain so I stamped them to add abit of design. It was a really fun project to do and took less than 20 minutes total to complete. All you need is; Fabric Paint/ Acrylic Paint – you could get this from Science Scope in the CBD for about Kes 80 Fork- obviously, as it…

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chiffon kimono
DIY living

How to make a Chiffon Kimono in 30 minutes (or less)

Hey everyone:) How you doin’? (Joey’s voice) I hope you’ve been amazing and dope af! I also hope that coconut oil has been good to you and now your glow just can’t be handled. Above all, I hope life is treating you well and 2nd half of the year is off to a good start.I have been nothing short of amazing and it’s all God’s doing (and coconut oil). It’s been a crazy month, I have been allover the place. First it was my mom’s graduations (Congrats Mama), then my graduation, then I took a little vacation ,cause graduation, lol. Then finally I was moving my beauty and accessories shop from mashinani to the shopping center, and this took all my time and energy. But it wasn’t that hard because I’m surrounded by very supportive family and friends , and now I’m all settled in and I’m done with all…

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satin bonnets
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How to make Satin Bonnets and Wrap (protect your hair )

Hey my lovelies, Happy 2nd week of June! I’m excited because I have some great news I have to share today! and it has everything to do with hair. You know how you spend a ton of money at the salon and buying products for that hairstyle only for it to come undone 2 days later??! Its probably because you don’t have a satin bonnet on whenever you sleep. Here’s why: Satin is very smooth , meaning your hair won’t get tangled up while sleeping Also, satin helps maintain hair moisture as it doesn’t soak up all the oil in the hair Having known this, I decided to make myself some and you can watch the video attached to see how I made all three types of them and how each works exactly.   Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to my channel! Hot fire tutorials dropping every week….

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diy fabric covered notebook
DIY living, Gifts

How to make a Fabric covered Notebook/ Sketchbook

*scroll down for video and printable instructions* A notebook is an essential part of life is you want to be organized. Organize your day, your thoughts, even your ideas. You could just skip this whole process and buy one from the bookstore, but if you’re reading this, it means you like adding your own personal touch to things. I love giving handmade gifts for no reason at all (reason to make friends with me lol) and these were perfect for that. Each had a different feel and they were very easy to make. It took a total of 30 minutes to make one book, minus drying time YOU’LL NEED; 40 sheets A4 paper- you can use any type of paper, plain, square-ruled or colored and they can be found in most supermarkets and stationery stores Strawboard (A5) / Cardboard- this comes as a big A0 board, with prices ranging from…

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ankara coat
DIY living

How to Make an Ankara Coat from Scratch in 3 minutes

Hey my loves, How are y’all doing? It’s been a minute and I’ve missed you all! I’ve missed this space so much! Some of you have been DMing me asking if I quit blogging or something cause I haven’t been active for a while. Well…. 1st of all, Aaaaww:) thank you for asking about me, makes a girl feel special. Then, I haven’t quit. I suddenly got super busy the last two months and I couldn’t handle all the activities all at a go, so I dealt with the pressing issues first and now I’m back, hopefully for good now. Also, I’m on Youtube! Check out my channel diybymoe on you tube to subscribe, you don’t wanna miss the tutorials I have planned out! *Scroll down for tutorial video* So lemme catch you up with what I’ve been up to! I got a new sewing machine and I’ve been practicing…

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Hey you guys! I have missed y’all. It’s been a minute. I’ve been up and about but not here but I promise I have major things cooking, please be patient with me, okay? ION, I got my new sewing machine like 2 months ago and I’ve been trying to familiarize myself  with her. Yes its a her and I call her Sue, as in sewing susan. Susan is such a sewing name, right? lol. I might be giving a review soon because this baby is amazing! Waaay better than what I owned before and I couldn’t be happier. In my efforts to get acquainted, I tried to make a full circle dress for a project we wanted to try out. (Tutorial at the bottom of the page.) It started out easy, making the circle skirt to attach to the bodice was a bit tricky at first but I managed. The…

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diy fila hat
About, Accessories

Taking Stock 2- DIY Kufi hat

It’s been a minute since I had a taking stock. So much has changed in the last 8 months but that has more to do with personal growth and character. I’ve discovered what I  like and dislike, what I wanna keep and what I can’t hold on to anymore.  It’s just been amazing, so here goes… Making; sure that I enjoy life a little more this year. Its easy to get lost in all the craziness of life but this year I decided I’ll try live a little Cooking; Roast meat! Over the December holidays I discovered I have a gift of making the most amazing chicken roast meat like ever! my scarred hands will tell you a different story Drinking: Trying to up my water intake cause acne is no joke Reading: History of fashion. This was a gift from a really special person, actually the very 1st time…

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