diy fila hat

diy kufi hatIt’s been a minute since I had a taking stock. So much has changed in the last 8 months but that has more to do with personal growth and character. I’ve discovered what I  like and dislike, what I wanna keep and what I can’t hold on to anymore.  It’s just been amazing, so here goes…
Making; sure that I enjoy life a little more this year. Its easy to get lost in all the craziness of life but this year I decided I’ll try live a little

Cooking; Roast meat! Over the December holidays I discovered I have a gift of making the most amazing chicken roast meat like ever! my scarred hands will tell you a different story

Drinking: Trying to up my water intake cause acne is no joke

Reading: History of fashion. This was a gift from a really special person, actually the very 1st time anyone ever got me a book, so I hold really close to my heart

Sewing; more like hand stitching this Nigerian Kufi Hat, which was way easier to make than it looks

Liking; the new blog layout. (hello?) I wanted a minimal feel to it cause I already have so much color in the items I make and my team delivered just that.

Loving; the response and questions I get from all you DIYers out there that are just discovering my blog and want to try out my projects, it gives me so much joy. Y’all keep me going! Thank you:)

Smelling; Lavender all over. I made a DIY oil diffuser in less than 5 minutes and I’ll be sharing the tutorial with you soon. All you need is essential oil and baby oil/olive oil

Thinking; I need to have a giveaway soon. I need ideas though

Bookmarking; well all books I own! I recently made a post about bookmarks and you won’t believe the materials I used. 

Feeling; so much love around me. I’m so grateful for my support system, people that encourage me everyday to get a step closer to my dream.

Trying; out self portraits. This was the 1st time I’ve used my camera to take self portraits, I usually ask my friends to help me take my photos, but they were all busy so I decided to try on my own. I think I did pretty well, it’s only going to get better from now on, I promise.

Wearing; A Nigerian kufi hat I made with scrap fabric I got from the an attire I was getting made at the tailor’s. I got this idea from Rhonkefella on IG, she rocks it so well! DIY below:)

diy kufi hat

What you’ll need;

diy kufi hat

Fabric- scraps enough to make a circle the circumference of your head and a band to go round your head

Needle and Thread


Interfacing- this can be bought at any fabric shop for like Ksh. 20 per meter

Iron box- for those clean folds and attaching the interface to the fabric

Sewing Machine (optional)- I hand stitched it but a sewing machine will definitely make things go faster

Kufi Hat

diy kufi hat

Start by measuring the circumference of your head. you could use a tape measure or thread for this. Work out the diameter (you know C=2πr) and then get the radius. Use the radius to draw a circle on your fabric so that you get the top of the hat. Do the same for the interface and the lining.  Mine was about 4 inches radius then I added an inch for seam allowance as marked below.

diy kufi hat

Get the desired width of the band that goes round and use the circumference of your head as the length of the band

diy kufi hat

Iron on the interfacing on both pieces and attach the lining to the top piece as shown. Make a few notches on the top piece (this will make folding easier) and stitch away:) A simple back stitch will do.

diy kufi hat

This is the full look:) Totally loving this hat, I’m going to make one of each for each wax print outfit I get made. It has such a queen feel to it.

diy kufi hat