I have crocheted hair, my own and others for about a year now and every time I am more amazed by the magic that is crochet braids.

Crochet braids are a versatile protective style and what this means is that they keep your ends safely tucked away and they are easy to maintain and they also help retain hair’s moisture…pretty cool, huh?

What I love about crochet braids? Only everything I have stated in the last sentence!

What I don’t love about crochet braids? NOTHING!!

Well I had a problem with the braids that were readily available back then. See, both 100% Toyokalon and Kanekalon hair is best for crocheting because that type of hair maintains curls AND is less likely to tangle than other fibers of hair (detailed explanation can be found here )

A while back, this type of hair was scarce and not as popular, but thank heavens for globalization! we now have this good hair almost everywhere. An example of such is the Marley Braid that is gaining so much popularity now and I had the pleasure of installing this gorgeous hair on my very good friend @janrihanchor

You’ll need

3 packs Marley braid. She bought hers at Ksh. 750 per pack and we used a total of 3 packs for the look

Latch hook. These can be found pretty much anywhere in the CBD, but more specifically Dubois Road



For crochet braids, I have learned (the hard way) that it’s all in the lines you do beneath the braids that determine the look you are going for, as in, the lines will determine how the hair will lay.

This is the braiding pattern we went with for this look.


There are tons of crochet tutorials online and I won’t bore you with another one. Here’s however a detailed tutorial just in case.

She wanted an invisible part on her hair so that the knots of the braids will not show , and this is how her’s looked.

Some would argue that the hair is quite BIG… and I know, right?? She agrees.

Have fun DIYing your hair!:)

Love, Hope and Faith Always.