The 3rd and final day of  DIY Back to School is here:) In case you missed the first two, it all started by this revamp of the super comfortable Bata Ngomas and then DIY number two was some really pretty and durable fabric bookmarks.

For this last bit, I made these trendy no-sew pencil pouches using jeans. I like these cause I’ve tried washing them and the glue holds perfect. Without wasting any more of your precious time,


What you’ll need:

Old Jeans- or any other fabric you may want to use

Hot glue gun+ Hot glue sticks/ Fabric Glue/ Conta Glue

Zip- depending on the size of the pouch you want

Iron box- you don’t have to use this if your fabric is a sturdy one

Pair of Scissors

Pins (optional)


Bad and Boujee


Start by figuring out the size you need and cut out two equal pieces, leaving half an inch of seam allowance. The pouch should have the same length as the zipper. Fold in the seam allowance and iron to help hold it in place


Place some glue on the right side of the zip and attach your pieces of fabric on both sides, right side facing upwards and wait for the glue to dry. I used both hot glue and Conta and the hot glue one felt a tad more secure than the conta one. If you have a sewing machine or you have no problem hand sewing, sew away!


Turn the whole thing as it is now so that you have the wrong sides facing up. Place some glue on the sides of the zip (the extension bit) and fold in the seam allowance. This will ensure you’re able to open the zipper til the end


Add glue to the remaining sides of the seam allowance and stick the pieces together.


Done:) They should look something like this. I made the other one using a piece of leather and grey jeans. You now have a pencil pouch that is super unique and functional.


You could leave them like that if you’re a minimal person and I was going to,  but I was listening to HBR as I did this project and as I was taking those last photos, Bad and Boujee (screeaam!) came on and I couldn’t help myself. (I really tried:/ )


I made stamps out of Hot Glue and used acrylic paint to stamp onto my pencil pouches. I’m in love! I used one coat of paint cause I liked how “unintentional” they look, but you could add more coats depending on how you want the words to look.


You could make these with your best friend or sibling. You could also switch up fabric to match your personality and preference. I wish you all a really good school year:)

If you managed to follow through the whole Back To School series, which was your favorite project? Which one do you plan on trying? I would love to know.