Basic Crafting Tools

Hey Guys, Lately I’ve been receiving questions on some of the #DIY-ing/ Crafting tools I use and that’s what today’s post is all about. The problem is that most people here in Nairobi don’t have the slightest idea on where to get these tools! However though, all of these crafting tools can easily be found in Nairobi’s CBD at very affordable prices. The best part is, you don’t have to keep buying these as they are really durable. I bought most of these about 5 years ago when I started crafting and I still have them to date. It’s an investment worth making. Below is a list of crafting tools that I own and would recommend for anyone


Hot Glue Gun

This is the staple of all crafters. It uses glue sticks,which are a form of thermoplastic adhesive commonly supplied in solid cylindrical sticks of various diameters and are melted using the gun. The gun uses a continuous-duty heating element to melt the plastic glue, which you could push through the gun with the direct finger pressure or the trigger on the gun.You’ll feel pretty bad ass using this ^^lol. The glue is tacky when hot, (and I mean blister-on-the-skin kind   of hot!)and solidifies in a few seconds to one minute. You have both low temperature and high temp guns. Some even come with a switch for either temp settings. Mine is a low temp one. You could buy glue guns in most of the hardware shops in Nairobi CBD, ranging anywhere from Kes 500- 2500. This is all dependent on the settings you want and of course the brand. The one shown cost Kes 1000 and I’d recommend this for beginner crafters. You could buy the smaller one also for Kes 600 from Joncy Limited, the map is attached at the end of the post. I’m having a post series for Glue-Gun crafts next week , be sure to check back for that.(or you could subscribe down below and I could send those posts and more directly to your mail.)



UHU All Purpose Adhesive

An alternative to Hot Glue, UHU All Purpose Adhesive is a clear adhesive that can be used for holding literally anything. It’s like Super Glue without the risk of getting your fingers stuck together.It glues any material rapidly and durably, you just have to wait a while longer for it to dry. It comes in a lot of variants but this is the most common one. UHU can be bought from fabric shops on Dubois Road Nairobi CBD or any Savani’s Book Centers in CBD for a price of Kes 100 to Kes 400, depending on the size and variant.




Round Nose Pliers

These are an essential tool in a jewelry maker’s tool box. You could use them to create multi-diameter loops when wire wrapping and forming headpins and eye-pins. You will get these at Masai Market and Jewelry Shops along River Road, CBD. Specifically, there’s a shop called KOT Beads along Duruma Road and you’ll get them for Kes 150. I have attached a map directing you to the shop at the end of the post.






These are another form of Round Nose Pliers. Same functionality as the ones above and can also be found at KOT Beads for Kes 150.











Diagonal Wire Cutters

For cutting wire, this is the most commonly used cutter and is available in standard bevel cut, flush cut and super flush cut. The tapered ends allow it to get into tight areas. The same can be found at KOT Beads for Kes 150.








img_7558-1.jpg Fabric Scissors

These have really sharp blades used for cutting fabric. These could be bought anywhere,but I bought mine from Joncy Textiles along River Road a long time ago, so I can’t really remember the price. A map is attached at the end of the post.









X-ACTO Knife

This is a precision knife as it gives a more precise and accurate cut. I use it mostly for cutting paper and tough fabric like leather. I got this one from my dad but I guess you can buy these in stationery shops in Nairobi CBD.







How to get to KOT Beads from Kencom Bus Stage


How to get to Joncy Textile Limited from Kencom Bus Stage

I hope this post was helpful to y’all DIYers out there. Feel free to drop questions in the comment section below and Subscribe for more DIY fun!

Lovely weekend:)