DIY Name Bracelets

#DIY name bracelets in the making


A lady that’s talented, passionate, fun and drop dead gorgeous (OMG you guys she is flawless!!). That’s what I’d say if anyone asked me about Agnes Wanjiru from Shee Art. You take a look at her blog and her social media sites and you know she’s not just your usual jeweler.

An actual screenshot from her Instagram for proof.


I got lucky to work with her on a collabo project and I had the best time of my life. For the next couple of posts she will be guiding us on different types of jewelry one can wear to work, both in the casual and corporate world.

Today though I am honored to have her share a tutorial of one of her bestselling items right here on this blog! (*cue happy dance!*).  Incase you’re wondering, yes you can wear this type of bracelet in a casual workplace kind of setting.

Let’s dive right into it.


What you’ll need:

Elastic String/ Band, costs Kshs 200

Letter beads. A pack goes for Ksh 800 and it does contain a lot of sets of letters

Other beads of your choice. (I used 100mm black beads which cost Kshs 400 a pack)

Pair of Scissors.


All of the above can be found in bead shops along Dubois Road or River Road in Nairobi CBD.


How to:

Measure the size of your wrist using the elastic string




Add an excess of 3-4 inches to your wrist size before cutting the elastic string. Make sure to not pull at the string when measuring as that will give you false measurements.


At one end,tie a few knots at the same place, say 5 times. This prevents the beads from slipping out as you thread them.


Decide on what words you want to have on your bracelets. Choose your letters and lay them on a flat surface to make your word. This will serve to help you map out your ideas.


Start with the letter beads then the other beads follow.



Ensure the beads are enough to fit your wrist. You can keep checking as you add beads as shown below. If it feels or looks bigger than your wrist, remove a bead at a time and then measure again.


When the bangle is at your preferred perfect size, tie 3 knots to secure everything in place. You could add more if you want, just make sure its not a bulky knot.


Final Step! Cut it, Cut it, Cut it, Cut it! Excess elastic band, you need to cut it! 😛


And there you have it, your perfect name bangle ready to be rocked!

sam_9805.jpg That was super easy to do, right? riggght! rrraaaaaahhhhh!

l3vrfik5kat1n5zly.gifLol that was totally uncalled for.




Perfect for that casual Friday outfit:)Ignore the face lol



Anyway, do tell us if and when you make these bracelets, we’d so love to hear from you.

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