Make these trendy and really cute feather earrings in a snap!

You’ll need

Feathers- I got mine from chicken we slaughtered at home and then I washed them and disinfected them to prevent allergic reactions. If the feathers are white, you could dye them in food color dissolved in white vinegar.

Earring hooks

Crimp/crush beads

Jewelry Pins

Jewelry Pliers



(minus the tools, the whole project will cost you Kshs.200 and you will have enough supplies to make over 50 different types of earrings!)


Wash and disinfect the feathers. I used hand wash and some warm water then i rinsed them twice, the 1st time in white vinegar and then in clean water. I  let them dry under direct sun.

Pair the feathers. They are earrings they have to look similar


Trim the heads if they are too long


Attach the pin to the feather using the crimp bead and then using the pliers, squeeze the crimp bead shut.


I attached a bead but you could totally skip this step.


Trim down the pin and make a loop, halfway through, attach the earring hook and then close it fully.


This is how they look when complete


I made another pair in the same way but I added some chain I had left over from a previous project.



Have fun making your very own feather earrings:)

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Love,Faith and Hope Always:)