My friend Grace (of Moda Explotitudor)and I had an idea to have a DIY Valentines!!!:) and we did!:), two looks, a casual day look and an evening look.

For this post, I will share details on the casual look,

Grace is wearing :-

Button Jewelry- earrings and necklaces, tutorial HERE

Fringe crop T-shirt. Coincidentally, we ended up cutting up our T-shirts the same way.

High waist jeans that she cut up to shorts

Thrifted shoes

Crochet braids- Soft Dreadlocks, which she had her sister do for her

Thrifted bag

I am wearing:-

Button Jewelry- earrings, tutorial HERE

Gold coated chain

Fringe crop T-shirt

High-waist denim I shredded around the knees

Thrifted shoes

For this post, I will show you how we made our crop tees:)

You will need:-

Fitting T-shirt of preferred color



I got the T shirt from Gikomba market. I was not going to cut up a costly tshirt.


Mark where you want the cut to reach. I wanted mine the size of a crop top, then cut off the hem from the sleeves and bottom.

Lay the t-shirt on a flat surface so that you’ll be able to work better, then cut strips up the shirt up to the point you marked. I also cut off the side hem up to this point. You could measure and have equal strips but I free-handed the whole thing.

Pull the strips a bit and that folds the strips and hides the frayed ends.

Knot the end of the cut (or not!), whatever makes you happy.

Aaand you have a really simple, really quick way to DIY your crop top.:)

Here’s us rocking our crop tshirtsimg-20160209-wa0016.jpg





















Check out her blog post HERE for more on this look:)

Photography by @shaka_guru on Instagram

Love Faith and Hope Always:)