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Good Morning, I’ve finally posted! Its been a bit busy and I know I haven’t posted as much as I want to but I’ll try keep up, ey? This project was so much fun and simple to do and it was inspired by my small sister. She keeps losing her school locker keys and when mom asked her she said “I just don’t like how the key holder looks:(” lol. I decided to make her and the whole of my fambam customized key holders,using Hot Glue! This is a continuation of my last glue gun crafts where I made hot glue gun phone cases. In case you missed that, click here.

Without wasting any more time, let’s dive right into it.

What you”ll need:

Key rings/ Large Jump rings

Hot Glue gun and sticks

Aluminum foil

Nail polish

How to:

Plug in your hot glue gun.

Trace out your design on the aluminum and find a suitable place for the key ring.


Use the hot glue to fill in your shape with the key ring in place. I like to create the outline 1st then I quickly fill in the remaining part. Give it time to dry (maximum 5 minutes) then gently peel it out of the aluminum.

You have to work really fast as hot glue dries very fast. For this one I didn’t work as fast and you can see the outline dried up before the middle part.




An you’re basically done! All that’s left is the decoration part and that’s where the nail polish comes in. Don’t bother to use expensive nail polish as it won’t really matter.



I totally adore the pink on this one!dbm-photo-shoot-23-july-2016-21-1.jpg.jpg

I hope you guys enjoyed this craft and you’ll feel inspired to create your own key holders. Let’s connect:)

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Lovely day:)