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Glue Gun Phone Cases looking so fly.

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I’ve talked about this specific project for two blog posts now and it’s high time I shared with you how to make these hot glue gun phone cases. I like these cause it’s very unlikely you will find someone else with a cover like yours, cause You made it!!

What you’ll need:


Your phone

Masking tape

Aluminum foil

Pair of Scissors

Hot glue gun and sticks

How to:

I tried out different methods of making these covers before I got the one that worked for me. There was when I tried using cling foil but the hot glue stuck to the cling wrap. Then I used the colorless book covers and the phone case became too heavy, aargh! I also tried using baking paper like I saw in this YouTube tutorial but that would still not work for me. The hot glue got stuck to the baking paper.

Finally, I used aluminum foil and I still can’t believe I didn’t start with the foil. Its a material that’s non stick and doesn’t burn and so ideal for this project.

Wrap your phone completely using the foil. Ensure the corners are not bulky, you want to make sure you get a nice fitting cover.


Plug in your glue gun. Trace out the essential parts you can’t cover with your hands, i.e Camera, all ports (charging and earphones) and the phone speakers as you wait for your glue gun to heat up.


You want to use the glue when it’s really hot so that you get a seamless flow.


Create the outline first, then outline the essential parts and then fill in with the pattern you want. You need to have the pattern planned out before you start as you need to work really fast for this project. Glue gun dries really fast!






You can be as creative as you want cause it’s YOUR cover! I like to start with the front and sides of the phone then create the back pattern being the last.




And with that,you have your cover! That wasn’t so hard now, was it?


Wait for it to dry completely, 10 minutes are enough and peel off the aluminum gently. This is how it looks done.2016-08-02-00.08.49.jpg.jpeg


There will be some thread-like bits of glue, you can just pull those out or use a hairdryer to “melt” them away. I tried out more designs:)


You could leave them as they are or choose to paint them. I used gold spray paint for the gold case and white spray paint for the white one. I used blue nail polish for the blue one. There are endless options for getting these babies colored.


I bet you’re now in love, huh? I know I am!


Have fun and if you are able to make these glue gun phone cases, I’d like to see your creations. Tag me on any of my social media platforms;

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Have yourselves an amazing week ahead, lots of love:)