Jewelry for Corporate Official Wear Pt 1| Sheeart

Part 2 of the office jewelry series is here! Shee (once again) is sharing a ring tutorial with us! I mean, it’s about time, right?So,

What you need;

Wire. A thicker gauge works better

Round Nose Pliers

Flat Nose Pliers

Mini bottle perfume or any other container with a small diameter will do too

I talked about the tools used here in a previous post. 




Measure your wire about 10 cm or the length of the pliers you are using and cut it using your wire cutters


Wrap the wire around the perfume tube or your container. A simple trick to finding your perfect container is to use a ring you already own and try to push it through the tube. Where it fits perfectly, that’s around the are where you should wrap the wire




Coil your edges, using the round nose pliers




Fit to make sure it’s your size and make any adjustments necessary.


You have your gorgeous ring:)

Insider tip: (lol) Open slightly to ease the wearing process. This could be a midi ring or a normal ring, depending on the size of tube you used.

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