Hello hello people:) October is gone! It was 1st October just the other day man?!

However, I’m excited because Shee (sister from another mother) is sharing another tutorial with us. You know how I like doing things myself?  Well,  that applies to jewelry, as evidenced by these feather earrings and this leather tassel necklace, to name a few.

Over the  years ,(just 2) I’ve been able to make casual jewelry over the years and it’s always bothered me for a long time that I’ve not been able to make jewelry that I can wear to work. That changed when I met Shee, the Jeweler. The rumor out there is that one cannot wear crafted jewelry to work but with the steps she’s going to share with you below,  you’ll be one step closer to creating beautiful pieces that you could wear to work!:)

What you need;

1.Flat beads.  These can be wooden or plastic and these specific ones cost Ksh 100 a packet.

2.Smaller flat beads, also Ksh. 100.

3.Smaller beads than those above in any shape .The ones used here are stone beads, they cost Ksh 250 a packet.

4. Stud pins with stoppers.  Ksh 100 a packet

5. Super Glue. Ksh 30


All beads can be found along Dubois Road and River Road,  both in the City Centre.


1. Choose the flat beads to use, the ones with a larger surface area are better


2. As the beads we have are not of the same shape,  try to find those that are closest in both shape and size

3. Add a drop of superglue at the top of the bead,  not the center.  (Gravity!)


4. Place the smaller flat bead on your base bead


5. Spread some glue on the new bead, refer to step above.


6. Add the smallest of the three beads on top of the other two.


7. Let the glue dry. Half an hour is enough.


8. Spread some glue on the earring stud and place it on the other side (without the beads)of the earring.  Repeat step 7



Voila! You have yourself a pair of unique crafted earrings that you can wear to work! 🙂


Shee looking amazing in them.




She will share a tutorial on the ring she is wearing and my earrings in the photo above. Don’t leave yet, tell us what you think about the collabo far.

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