They say God could not be everywhere, so he made mothers. Mother’s day is around the corner! 🙂 And there’s no better way to appreciate mom on her special day than with a homemade DIY gift made with love, don’t you think? And what better place to get inspiration from if not here?

For the next three days, starting today, it will be a #mothersdayweekend over on this blog, Yaaay!! 🙂 I’ll share how I made my mom’s gifts and you could get inspiration to do the same. I sure hope she doesn’t read my blog before Sunday.

Today’s is not so last minute but the remaining 2 days will be last minute DIY gifts that won’t break your bank 🙂 and I’m sure your special lady on this day will appreciate it.

My mother has no proper storage unit for her rings and earrings. I know this because at times nothing goes better with my outfits than mom’s rings lol and it’s always so hard getting some cause they’re all over. I wanted to make her a jewelry holder that spoke maturity but pretty for her and I think I did well.


You’ll need

Felt fabric – you could use any type of fabric here, depending on the look you’re going for.

Empty Mathematical set

Hot glue gun + glue sticks or UHU adhesive

Pair of Scissors

Old T-shirt or one you have no problem cutting up

Black Liner fabric








First start with your set. Make sure its empty and separate the two pieces at the hinges. It makes it easier to cover the set with fabric

20160504_092437-1.jpgI used hot glue to stick the fabric to the set because it dries faster so you get fast moving projects. You could use UHU or any fabric glue and it will work as well, just not as fast. Do not use a lot of glue like I did because the fabric is black and it will show as you can see.






I didn’t like how the fabric looked folded with the dried up glue, I decided to cover it with a strip of some other fabric I had left over from a previous project and it immediately gave my mathematical set life!! Talk about blessings in disguise lol or is it looking for the positive from the negative? Either way, I loved it way more with the strip.




Then comes this other problem. The metal showing at the back -_-


I had some hard leather left from yet another project and decided to use that to cover the words and the emptiness at the back. All this time I’m using hot glue to stick the unplanned for pieces to the set. I added a strip to the lower piece of the set just for uniformity’s sake and BAM! That was it people! The icing at the top of the cake, the ice at the top of the mountain!! At this point I was screaming!! My project was coming out better than I had pictured it! A whole better than the idea I had.


To finish off this amazing totally accidental project now, all that’s left is to fill the bottom piece. Cut up your t-shirt and make equally sized rolls of the t-shirt with the length of the math set. Your t-shirt rolls should look like this.


20160504_105932-1.jpgStart with your liner






then the t-shirt roll, then fold the fabric and add another roll. Do that until the set is covered and that’s it!!



20160504_111756.jpg This is an optional step. I used a lint roller to give the piece a clean finish. That’s pretty much the only way to clean up this display. Also, the set cannot close because of the layers of fabric I had but that’s okay. I arranged some of her jewelry on the holder and I think it turned out quite great:)


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