I love recycling and reusing. I loved recycled stuff, If I can get more than one way of reusing anything,you best believe I’m doing it. I’ve been collecting water and soda bottles I’ve used for the  past week and I also asked my family members not to throw away theirs and I used them to make recycled friendship bracelets for my sister and her friends. She absolutely loved making them with me as this is a safe-to-do project with kids.

What you’ll need:

Plastic bottles

Masking tape

Knife or pair of scissors

Iron box

Nail polish OR Acrylic paint


How to:

The procedure for this is quite easy actually. You need to cut out desired size of rings from the bottle. The 500 ml bottle is ideal for tiny hands, like a child’s. Use the 1 litre bottle for adults. Use the masking tape to map out what you want to cut out if you’re doubting your cutting skills.



Plug in your iron box and set to medium-high. Once it’s hot enough, rotate the bracelets on the hot side to kind of make the rough edges smooth. If you’re doing this project with a child, do this part for them or just really keep an eye.


You have your bracelets already! You can’t miss this last fun part though, which is painting your bracelets. You could use nail polish or acrylics for this. Create stripes and patterns or just plain ones.



Lastly take a photo and share it with me:) lol


Have fun!

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