Short story of my life- I used to be an avid reader (that one quality EVERYONE has on their CV) when I was younger but along the way I lost interest…(blame it on social media).

However though,I started  reading again and that makes me feel so happy now.On this specific day I’m reading this book then I get to this reaaally good part and my mom calls me. I close the book and I go see what she’s calling me for. I get done with her and I’m literally running back to my room so that I go read some more, only that I cant remember the page I was on!! Frustration as I now have to skim through pages so that I find where I had reached. I finally find it but decide this is not the kind of stress I need in my life. I have so much to deal with I can’t add this to my list of stressful things.I just can’t!

Light bulb! Bookmarks!

For that moment I found an exam card and used it for the rest of the day and made a mental note to make pretty ones once I was done with the book. I googled some ideas and came across these cute cup shaped bookmarks and of course I was going to make myself those:)

You’ll need

A pair of scissors


Gift wrapping paper

Leather or cotton cord/ string

Manila paper

Printed cutouts in preferred shape. (mine was tea cup shaped)



Cut out the shapes and trace them on both the gift wrapping paper and manila. Make sure the gift wrapping paper is folded in half so that you could sandwich the manila in the middle

Cut out the shapes from the manila and wrapping paper. Glue a small piece string on the backside of the manila and glue the manila and wrapping paper shut.

Cut out another small piece manila the size of two coins and have another small piece of wrapping paper cover the whole thing

Fold it in half and poke a hole in the middle. Push the other side of the string through and tie a knot on the inside of the fold. Glue the small piece of the manila shut, making sure the knot is on the inside.


It would make me really happy if you guys made these and tagged me under #diybymoe

Love, Faith and Hope Always:)