The day was 29th April, a Friday evening. I was so excited to be attending Art and Wine the next day. I picked out the clothes I would wear, a pretty floral dress and strappy sandals. I had everything ready and got to bed early enough for a so called “beauty sleep”. I had everything ready!

30th April, a Saturday. 4.30 am. My alarm went off and I woke up immediately. There was something different though. It was raining crazy outside and the room was as dark as night. Then it hits me… no lights! This day couldn’t get any worse!:/ Fast forward to 2 pm when my friend Tony and I got to Warwick Center for the Art and Wine by Kanfasi. I was trying so hard to not think about the cold shower I had to take, changing my originally planned outfit and getting rained on (turns out my day did get worse) .

Everything changed when we walked into the Warwick Center and saw the set up for the art class. So many tables with art supplies, people that  love art gathered around them in yellow aprons and a wine and cheese stand just by the entrance. Heaven!! I know, right?

Kathie, the host, was quick to introduce Kendi, the artist, and the class begun. 3 hours later, people started to leave with their masterpieces, (being a bit tipsy too lol). Below are some of the pieces


The cheese and wine looking nice:) They had water as an alternative:)




Yours truly trying to create 3D bubbles.




@brenda_nyamor on IG working on her glass bottle. Her painting looks great, don’t you agree?





@jandu360 ‘s painting is out of this world! Her glass bottle is even more beautiful.






Yours truly with Kathie, the host of Art and Wine.


Last but certainly the most, a bit of Kendi’s beautiful work:




Kendi offers classes for this kind of art, her contacts:-

Kendi Mbabazi

Tel: +254736339826

e-mail: speckledglass@gmail.com

website: www.speckledglass.com

Instagram : @speckledglass