Hey y’all, it’s been a minute! Hoping everyone is loving the new month 🙂 I am totally loving mine and the reason is that I made the most bomb accessory holder ever! And it makes me so happy just looking at it every morning. Doesn’t it look pretty?


To make this,

You’ll need

Frame, size will depend on the number of earrings you have. I used an old frame that was in our store for so long. You could even ask a carpenter to make a thin fame for you for cheap.

Hot glue gun and glue sticks, or UHU, or Fabric Glue

Hessian Fabric in Natural. (Fun fact: – The name hessian is attributed to the use of the fabric to make uniforms for soldiers from the German State of Hesse. The soldiers were called Hessians… a bit too coarse for poor soldier man’s crotch, don’t you think?)

Hooks (optional)

Acrylic Paint. I used a peachy color and it cost Ksh. 80 (optional)






If you are using a frame like mine, take out the fabric part and this will expose the frame that we want to use. If you bought a frame from the carpenter’s, you can skip this step

2016-03-02 20.07.01


Measure and cut the Hessian fabric according to the size of the frame. Make sure the fabric totally covers the fabric. You could use any fabric for this but hessian fiber is really long-lasting and it does not wear as easily. It also doesn’t stretch that easily, making it the perfect fabric for this kind of earring storage.


Place the fabric over the frame and tuck the ends at the back. Use hot glue to stick the ends to the frame so that they will stay in place. Trim off any excess fabric.


Screw on the hooks at the bottom. (Or you could skip this step)

You could leave the frame as it is now and use it this way. (But why have such a boring life though?lol)

I painted stripes on mine, but you could paint or add anything to your liking. To create the stripes, place the tape to prevent smudging and paint away!!! Do as many coats as you want to create the intensity of the color you want.


Wait for the paint to dry a bit and gently peel off the tape. Give this like half a day for it to dry completely.


Hang your earrings on the fabric and your necklaces or bracelets on the hooks. Still haven’t decided what to place on my hooks. I loved how it turned out and I love even more how the whole thing is multipurpose and thus saving me a bit of storage space. I especially love how it displays the earrings, making me feel like I am shopping for accessories every time I’m picking them out. (Haha, the things that make me happy)





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Love, Faith and Hope always:)