Keeping your makeup brushes organized doesn’t necessarily mean buying new and really expensive organizers, here’s a fun and oh so cheap way to organize your makeup brushes:)

You’ll need

Colored Chalks


Empty Clean containers (I used old coffee glass containers). You could buy Mason jars from Nakumatt, one goes for around Kshs.200 or less. Or just use plain usual glasses….any transparent container goes here.

Small plates

Small spoon to aid in filling the containers with the colored salt



Pour some salt in one plate. Get a chalk of your preferred color and swirl the chalk around the salt. What that will do will be to color the salt! (Yes, we’re coloring salt!!!!)

Swirl around until you have the color you want. I decided to layer the colors pink and purple for my 1st container and this is what I came up with. The longer the swirling time, the deeper the color.


Try to come up with amazing color combinations. This is what I managed to do for all my containers.


For the ombre ones I colored less for the second layer and topped that with just the white plain salt.


Soo cute.. right?? Makes you want to almost paint your face every minute now!Plus, this will cost you less than Kshs.100…

Have fun making these and if you do take pictures, tag me under #diybymoe:)

Love, Faith and Hope Always:)