diy stamped pillow cases

Stamped Pillow Cases

Hi Everyone, My name is Moe and I stamp on a daily. I have been stamping endless you guys! At least since like two months ago when I discovered what it was all about and I’ve been experimenting with different types of items just to see what item makes the best stamps. I was most impressed by the patterns that the fork made , so much so I decided to share with you guys.  I had so much fun making these white and black linen pillow cases but I thought they looked so plain so I stamped them to add abit of design. It was a really fun project to do and took less than 20 minutes total to complete.

All you need is;

Fabric Paint/ Acrylic Paint – you could get this from Science Scope in the CBD for about Kes 80

Fork- obviously, as it is the star of the show. You could dedicate one fork that you don’t want to use again for this project

Q tip/Small Paint Brush

Paper/ Newspaper – to prevent bleeding of the paint through the fabric

How to;

Lay the pillowcase flat and place newspapers in between the pillow case.

Figure out the design you want to make and use the brush to paint on the fork’s backside as shown

diy stamped pillow cases

Stamp Away!!! Keep repainting the fork when the paint runs out.

diy stamped pillow cases


diy stamped pillow cases

Dry them on a cloth line and iron the backside when it’s dry so that the pillow cases become washable.

And you’re done:) Now put your pillows in the cases and take lots of photos for the gram. #doitforthegram. Peep my succulents from Migwi Farm at the edge.

diy stamped pillow cases

This is a really cool way to create some custom design fabric and you can use the fabric to make your garments. I would really love to see any of your creations if some of you will create these. Tag me if you do.

Also, I’ve been on YouTube for a while now and I want to say thank you to those that have taken their time to subscribe, it means a lot to me. Til next time, stay blessed.