satin bonnets

Hey my lovelies,

Happy 2nd week of June! I’m excited because I have some great news I have to share today! and it has everything to do with hair. You know how you spend a ton of money at the salon and buying products for that hairstyle only for it to come undone 2 days later??! Its probably because you don’t have a satin bonnet on whenever you sleep.

reversible satin bonnet

A reversible satin bonnet for longer wearing and #sleepstyle…. lol

Here’s why:

  • Satin is very smooth , meaning your hair won’t get tangled up while sleeping
  • Also, satin helps maintain hair moisture as it doesn’t soak up all the oil in the hair
Long hair satin bonnets

You don’t have to tie your long hairstyle every time you sleep

Having known this, I decided to make myself some and you can watch the video attached to see how I made all three types of them and how each works exactly.

This one's to protect your edges

This one’s to protect your edges


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