Insta-Baddie Nails For Cheap!

Insta Baddie Nails!

I tried making my nails at home a few months back… and I’m not ever going back to the salon (don’t quote me on this!) But its true, I might not ever get my finger nails done at the nail salon ever again. Here’s a list of reasons why:

  1. A session at the nail salon is equivalent to three meters of good quality fabric, or better yet, a pack of hot glue gun sticks!
  2. Its super fun and fulfilling when you do your nails at home, why would you want to deny yourself that kind of fun?? Why?? Honestly?!
  3. Also, you save yourself some serious cash when you do this at home by yourself. Who doesn’t love a bit of savings?

The last reason makes me the happiest! (obvs)

And I’ll show you how I save in a few, but 1st,

You’ll need:

Fake Acrylic Nails – Got a pack of 500 (!!!) of them on River Road in Nairobi CBD for Kes 500

Nail Glue- I got this from River Road as well for Kes 100

Cuticle pusher -River Road Kes 100

Nail Clipper- River road for Kes 150

Nail File and Buffer- River road for Kes 100

Nail Polish Remover/ Acetone- Most beauty shops


Start by removing all the nail polish on your fingers, trimming the nails and pushing the cuticles. Wash your hands if you would like

Place the fake nails on your nails to get the ones that fit you best. Make sure you have them arranged in the order of which you’ll put them on.

Buffer your nails and dust them. This will help the nails adhere better to the glue

Start with one hand and fix the nails on the hand using the glue. Apply a drop of glue to the end of the nail. It helps to have a glue that has a brush.

Hold the nail in place for like a minute or until the glue dries and do the same for the other hand.

Use you nail trimmers to trim down the nail to the desired length and file them to the desired shape.

Apply you favorite nail polish and you’re done!

The goodness is that the nails and glue last you a while and you can do your nails whenever the need arises.

If this tutorial didn’t make sense, there’s a video showing the exact video down below:)