issa rae inspired tshirts

Issa Rae Inspired T-Shirts

Someone call the fire department because I’m on fire! At least these T-shirts are. Insecure season 2 was lit yo! It was all kinds of feelings for me. I felt really sad for Issa, I mean, she had to move out of her house and live with her brother, she lost her car, might also lose her job and the worst thing about all this, she can’t have the man she loves, because well, she cheated on him and he kind of hates her. Damn:(

Regardless, her T-shirt game was bomb AF! Literally ‘saying it with the chest’. I got so inspired to make mine as well and it’s unbelievable how easy these were to make.

You need:

Acrylic paint/ Fabric Paint – I got mine for Kes 400 at Science Scope next to Nation Center in the Nairobi CBD

Clear Binding sheets- Had a bunch of these laying around the house

Brush/ Sponge

Scissors/ Paper cutter

Plain T-shirt – mine were thrift and none of them cost more than Kes 200

Sweatshirt- also thrift for Kes 30

Printer – or you could just rush to your nearest cyber and get these printed

Embroidery thread and needle


Tshirt One: N*iggas

Insecure S2,E1

Start by figuring out where to place the name. I decided to have mine the same place hers was. Then mark around the area with painters tape just so that you keep your letters in a straight line.

Thread your needle and start chain-stitching. It’s easy, I promise. Just watch the video down below for clearer instructions.


Tshirt #2: mtWTFss

Insecure S2, E1

Head on to your computer and write out ‘mtwtfss’ on MS Word in whatever font and size you want. Mine was Garamond in the size 190

Print it out in landscape and place a binding sheet on the paper. Use tape to stick the two together around the edges to minimize movement and this makes sure your design is neat.Use your paper cutter to cut out the letters on the binding sheet.

Now prepare your Tshirt. Place a piece of cardboard or newspaper in between the layers of the Tshirt to prevent the paint from bleeding.

Place your new cut out over the Tshirt and hold it down with painters tape again to minimize movement.

Squirt a bit of paint on a flat surface and use your sponge or brush to paint over the cut out. At this point you’re basically using the binding sheet as a stencil.

Once you’re done, leave it to dry then carefully remove your stencil to reveal your design!


Tshirt #3:WRECKED

Insecure S2, E3

For this one, I first cut off the sleeves to give the shirt abit of an edge. Then cut off the collar, and yes, we are taking the “wrecked” vibe a lot too literally ,like in the TV show.

Head on to your PC (or cyber) and type out the word ‘WRECKED’ in whatever font an size, mine was Stencil in size 130

Repeat the steps in the previous Tshirt and you’re done!

Now go be a Queen (or is it Kween)  in your new (not so new) T shirts!!!!

This video will explain a lot in case you missed any of the steps or got lost along the way. Share if you like the video, also, stay tuned for more of amazing DIYs. I’m doing a DIY each day for the month of December and you have got to subscribe to not miss any of it. See you tomorrow:)

Love and Love,