ankara coat

Hey my loves,

How are y’all doing? It’s been a minute and I’ve missed you all! I’ve missed this space so much! Some of you have been DMing me asking if I quit blogging or something cause I haven’t been active for a while. Well…. 1st of all, Aaaaww:) thank you for asking about me, makes a girl feel special. Then, I haven’t quit. I suddenly got super busy the last two months and I couldn’t handle all the activities all at a go, so I dealt with the pressing issues first and now I’m back, hopefully for good now. Also, I’m on Youtube! Check out my channel diybymoe on you tube to subscribe, you don’t wanna miss the tutorials I have planned out!

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ankara coat

So lemme catch you up with what I’ve been up to! I got a new sewing machine and I’ve been practicing a lot! I’m a frugal crafter and textile and fabric crafts are my favorite. You can do so much with fabric and I’m always pushing to see exactly how much. My most recent adventure was making this beautiful Ankara coat with a hoodie. Ankara fabric is one of the most versatile fabrics that exists. It comes in all sorts of prints and patterns and I loved the color and pattern on this one.

ankara coat

What you’ll need

Old coat that you like the fit of

Pattern paper. I use the brown cover for books to create my patterns

Pencil/ Tailor’s chalk

Fabric of choice, in my case this beautiful Ankara

ankara coat

How I created my patterns was simply to trace an old jacket I love and you’re sure to make a perfectly fitting item. I could do a whole video on this if you guys are interested, just hit me up! Trace the coat and make:

  • 2 front pieces
  • one back piece
  • sleeves
  • 4 hood pieces
  • facing

Don’t forget to add seam allowance where needed

ankara coat

For now though, here’s the full tutorial in 4 minutes:)

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Til next time:)

ankara coat