Oh 20! I loved it when I was 20. It was that year where I experienced so much change and growth and learned a lot! I will try to share my lessons in the fewest words possible

  1. Parents and guardians are the greatest support system one could have. All parents do and say is always with the best of intentions and they expect nothing in return. Family has got your back always.
  2. Happiness is an inside job. It really is an inside JOB… like you really have to work for it. Happiness is found when you do what you really want and love.
  3. Change is always good. Do not fear change. You have no obligation to be who you were even a second ago. If you feel the need to change, do so…it does more good than harm.
  4. Nothing is permanent, cherish the good times and learn from the bad ones.
  5. Learn to enjoy your own company. It’s good to learn how to be comfortable with yourself and alone with your own company.img-20160107-wa0003.jpg
  6. People around you will treat you how you let them.
  7. The company you keep makes or breaks you. Whether we like it or not, the people around us influence our actions and sometimes we miss to see that we are what we travel with.
  8. Listen to your still small voice.
  9. Learn to let go. Not every battle is worth winning. Some are not even worth fighting for.
  10. Cold pressed coconut oil is probably the only oil you should own. Perfect for hair,skin and nails. Makes a good make up remover too. Also One coat of Mascara is never enough. 2 or more for amazing lashes                                                                                                                                                          img-20160107-wa0000.jpg
  11. Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently. Do not fear to fail
  12. Always keep a positive mind. Focusing on the negative will only give rise to more negativity. Always try to find the positive aspect in every situation,
  13. Take risks….informed risks. Move out of your comfort zone and do things you never thought you’d do.
  14. Whatever you are, be a good one. Perfect your skill and everything else falls into place
  15. Most people are not loyal to you, they’re loyal to their need of you and once that need is over, their loyalty ends. Be really careful of those you let in your space.  20160110_083105.png
  16. Setting boundaries is healthy, not mean or selfish. You should know what you want and work for it, irrespective of what those around you will say or do.
  17. Not everything works out how you expected. Learn to be flexible and adjust as the days go. After all, it all works out in the end and God’s timing is always the best.
  18. We are all different and as such, we all want different things in life. Take time alone to discover what you truly want and work towards that. We waste so much time leading other people’s lives and we end up being miserable and pathetic.
  19. God loves you no matter what. Always remember to talk to Him in prayer during both the good times and the bad
  20. Love yourself. It all starts by loving yourself.


I am so eager to learn some more as I grow older:) (please excuse the amateur poses, it was my very 1st professional shoot >< )

Dress :- Designed by me, made by my tailor in Umoja Market

Shoes:- World Business Center, Nairobi CBD

Photos:- Eccentric Creative

Make up:- Joan @jaenafrojan

Love, Faith and Hope Always:)