Hey guys,

My first taking stock!! I am pretty excited as you can tell. I just can’t believe I made it six months! six months people! I’ve always wanted to share what truly makes me happy,(#DIYing does make me really happy),but every time I started posting, there was no motivation to continue. Well now I’ve made it this far and I have God and you guys (my readers) to thank for that.

So today I want to take time off the usual business and tell you guys more about me, Moe, founder of DIYbyMoe, a blog that’s all things DIY. I got this template from ThisisEss because she’s bomb and her growth continues to inspire me everyday.

Here goes…
Making; hot glue gun phone cases:) I love how 3D they look and I can have whatever color of phone case I want. 30 minutes is such a short time considering they cost like Kshs. 50 to make each. I’ll be posting a tutorial soon.

Cooking; nothing special really, but I’ve been eating spicy samosas in plenty!
Drinking: Green Tea and Peach by Kericho Gold. They have the best blends of tea hands down! The peach in this specific one helps a great deal with the green tea bitter taste.

Reading: The secret by Rhonda Byrne. It was gifted to me by mom and the author talks about how the law of attraction is a natural law which determines the complete order of the universe and of our personal lives through the process of “like attracts like”. She claims that as we think and feel, a corresponding frequency is sent out into the universe which attracts back to us events and circumstances on that same frequency. Such a great read.


Playing; Gentleman’s MTV Unplugged Album. It’s been on replay for more than 2 weeks now.

Sewing; more like trying to knit, an arm knitted scarf. 2 tries later I haven’t quite hacked it yet. Will be sure to share the tutorial once I’m able to.

Wishing; that I get to accomplish everything I ever thought for myself and more.
Enjoying; watching plays. It’s a recently renewed interest which I’m loving

Liking; every photo on the Instagram feed of Didi-Stone Olomidé, the daughter of legendary Congolese singer Koffi Olomidé. She switches up her hair look every one to two weeks, from amazing afros to perfect ponytails to chic head wraps.

Smelling; Rosemary:) I recently planted rosemary plants in a small container in my space and now it has a nice herbal scent which I love. According to this study, a whiff of  rosemary could improve memory and concentration!:)

Wondering; why it took me so long to make these Glue-gun phone-covers. I’ve had my glue gun for over 3 years now and it never crossed my mind to make these babies :/ Also wondering why this photo of me about to fall looks a lot like a serious dab is about to drop.


Hoping; that I get to cultivate consistency in myself, for the sake of my blog and life in general. 

Marveling; at the fact that I have been able to keep at this for this long. 6 months might not be much of a milestone for some of you but for me, it’s a really huge deal

Loving; the support I’m getting from you guys! It’s overwhelming and I’m so grateful for you people. You are the real MVP s.

Wearing; a yellow mustard midi dress that was gifted to me 2 years ago. Surprising it still fits, even better than it did when I first got it. It comes with pockets you guys! pockets! Can we take a minute to appreciate those.*insert cool guy with sunglasses emoji*


Following; Heather Lindsey on YouTube. She has a way of putting the spiritual questions most of us usually have in a manner that’s understandable and relate-able. She rocks!

Noticing; that time and generally life is moving super fast! Can you believe it’s been 6 months already since the new year.
Knowing; that people will not  treat you how you treat them, but it’s okay. Just do good and head your way *tenda wema nenda zako*
Thinking; about featuring guest posts in my blog. Hit me up on my social media pages if interested

Bookmarking;let’s just say pinning everything #diy. Check out my Pinterest guys!:)
Opening; no gifts at the moment lol..*hint*

Giggling; at season 5 of Baby Daddy. I watch this show because of Bonnie Wheeler, she cracks me up
Feeling; super excited to come to have made it to the end of this challenge.


2016 has been nothing short of amazing. Sure there have been some bad days but it’s been my best year so far and I’m positive it will only get better. Thank you for those that have shown me support all through, I love you:)

Til next time,