diy hair and body butter

The natural hair movement is huge around the world! Ever since its onset in 2013, hair relaxer sales have gone down a lot and sale of natural hair products gone up. I’m sure most of us have at least one (or ten) naturalistas in their circles who has a ton of hair products, or those friends that are all about natural beauty products. They will definitely appreciate this DIY Shea hair and body butter and will be loving you a bit more after you give it to them.

diy body butter

What you’ll need;

8 Tbsp Pure Shea Butter- I got mine from a friend, he gets the Shea butter from West Africa. If you’re interested you could contact him on 0715242956

3 Tbsp Coconut oil- you could get this from any supermarket for about Ksh. 400

1 Tbsp Olive oil- you could also get this from any supermarket. The brand doesn’t matter just make sure you get the virgin one

1 Tbsp Castor oil- most supermarkets or chemists

1/2  Tbsp Glycerine (optional)- same as above

Essential oil (optional)- I love lavender and I got mine from @ShethNaturals on Facebook and Instagram


Moisturizing Body Butter;

diy hair and body butter

Add all ingredients apart from the essential oil to a ceramic/ glass bowl. I didn’t add the glycerine, only because I like applying my glycerin in its form, but you could totally add some. How this works is that, the Shea butter is like the base and the other oils act as the liquid to mix up the whole thing. So you could customize it however you want, depending on how you intend to use it. For hair, I would recommend you add more castor oil and less olive oil. I love the smell of coconut oil and that’s why I have more of it than the others. Make sure the total of the “liquid” oils (coconut + castor +olive oils) isn’t more than the base oil (Shea).

diy hair and body butter

Use your spoon/fork to whip the butter, like you would cake cream. Whip the mixture for about 5 minutes or until there are no lumps and its as fluffy as you’d like it, or your friend, we are making this for your valentine! The more you whip it, the fluffier and smoother it becomes, important to note that.

diy hair and body butter

When it’s at your desired consistency, add a few drops of your essential oil(s). Whip it one last time then scoop into an clean empty glass container. You could use plastic but glass gives the oils a longer shelf life, plus some essential oils “burn” plastic.

diy hair and body butter

Done:) Your own lotion in a couple of minutes! That wasn’t hard at all , huh?

The good thing about this butter is that it’s multipurpose! It’s perfect for your hair and skin, especially for dry skin, this works perfect! The fact that you could customize it depending on your needs makes it the perfect gift, don’t you think?