For day 2 of #mothersdayweekend, I thought I should stencil a few tablecloths for mom and boy was this project such a fail! Think of this post as a cautionary tale lol.

You’ll need

Plain Tablecloths

Fabric Paint- You could buy these at Freeman’s in Nairobi CBD for Kshs. 80 per container.

Stencil Rulers

Paint brush OR Sponge




Choose your fabric carefully. You could prewash your fabric before painting to make sure it is clean of any treatment that may keep the paint from adhering.

Get sponges or brushes in the correct sizes for your stencil. I used a slightly larger brush and it smudged a whole lot!

If you want to mix colors, you could mix on a disposable plate and make sure to mix well before you start using. Test out the paint on a piece of fabric before using it to make sure its the desired shade. Do a test for the stencils as well and see if you like the pattern once painted.

Dab your brush or sponge into the paint, and then blot your brush on a paint less surface of your plate (or a separate plate) to remove excess paint from your brush

You should have enough paint on your brush to easily stencil with, but not so much that the paint pushes from your brush to underneath the edges of your stencil.

Place your stencil down on your fabric and hold with one hand. Hold your brush in your other hand and place the end of your brush parallel with the stencil and press down with low to medium pressure. continue dabbing until the surface is completely covered in paint. Add some more paint if needed.

Wait like a minute or two before removing the stencil carefully.


  • If you are stenciling with multiple colors, work with only one color at a time and allow each color to dry before moving on to the next.
  • Keep your stencil clean. You may need to clean it with a wet sponge or paper towel between each use.
  • Have enough stenciling brushes or sponges on hand for each paint color. Painting with a freshly cleaned, wet brush or sponge will thin your paint and make a mess of your stenciling.

Have fun stenciling!:) You could do this on different types of fabric and play around with the stencils to try and come up with different designs.

Mine didn’t go so well and I ended up hating the napkins.I will have to do a 2nd try sometime soon and I’ll definitely share with you guys.