Valentine's scratch off cards

Valentine’s is happening next week! Are you guys excited? Well I am. I love love (lol) but it’s true, I really do love the feeling of love, and to me, nothing says  “I love you” better than a gift that you have made with your own two hands. It shows that you actually thought about the person’s interest and gave your time to make a beautiful thing for your significant other (S.O). This Valentines, I’ll share gift ideas that you can make in very little time without breaking the bank and it will make your special person so happy.

Fun fact! Approximately 150 million cards are exchanged annually on Valentine’s day, making it the 2nd most popular holiday after Christmas. So of course cards are the 1st thing on our DIY list. This is probably the cheesiest gift on our 2017 Val’s list but just flow with it, okay?


Valentine's day diy

What you’ll need;

Plain paper

Pens and Markers

Acrylic Paint- you could find this for around Kshs. 80 in most bookshops

Paper glue- glue stick works just fine


Large clear Cello tape

Dish washing liquid- not pictured, but it is the usual dish washing liquid soap or even hand washing soap

Card Stock (optional)

Valentine’s Scratch off Cards

Valentine's day diy

Start by printing out your design. You could draw if you trust your penmanship but I decided to print out mine. I used Ms Word and just usual fonts, nothing fancy. I decided to go with the ones above

Once you have your design, cut it our to size and stack like 3- 5 papers using the glue so that the paper is a bit sturdier than it is.

Valentine's day diy

Fill the blanks in your work if you didn’t already do that in Word. I find that having the card handwritten makes the whole thing look more personalized than if it were printed. Cover the whole front side of the card in cello tape. This is a very crucial step as it’s what makes it possible to scratch off

Valentine's day diy

Mix one part dish washing liquid (you could try with any other liquid soap)and one part acrylic paint and cover your words using the paint. Wait for the paint to dry between layers. I’m sorry I forgot to take photos of this part, but its just paint and soap mixed in equal parts and then painted over your design.

Done! give this to your loved one and watch their faces light up each time they scratch off a new word or statement. I used washi tape for the edges of these others and I thought they looked really pretty

Valentine's day diy

This is perfect for when you want your loved one to know the extent to which you love them, or when you can’t decide what to do on Valentines and you S.O gets to decide from the 1st thing they scratch off. Also an idea, you could have a lot of these “love you because” cards and turn them into a book or a key holder and S.O will carry your love with them everywhere. This doesn’t have to be a Valentines only gift, you could use these for draws and games at home as well.

Have fun:) Spread love