Hi guys!:) I trust this Nairobi cold isn’t keeping you down. But just in case it is, here’s something that’s sure to brighten your day.

It was Father’s Day on Sunday the 19th of this month and I shared a photo on my Instagram (@diybymoe *go follow btw if you haven’t already*) of a leather bound notebook I made my papa and as promised, here’s how I made that:-

What I used:-

  • Leather
  • Tons of plain paper
  • Pair of scissors OR X-ACTO knife for that straight cut
  • Needle and Thread
  • Straight ruler



Start with resizing your papers to the size of the book you want . I used an x-acto knife I found in the house. You could use scissors for this, however, the knife gives better results where paper is involved.

Remember to place your papers on a protective surface before cutting. I used some carton pieces I had from a #diyproject I’m yet to share with you guys.


When I was younger, I learnt a lot of bookbinding. My gradpa *May he rest in peace* used to sew the pages of a newspaper together so that no page would get lost. We tried to get him to use a stapler but he just wouldn’t flow with it. My uncle also used to make small books that he’d carry in his pocket to record things he didn’t wanna forget. I decided to borrow his technique for this project.

After cutting your paper to equal sizes, you need to fold each leaf into two. Stack these halves in a pile of atleast 4 sheets of paper. I used 5 sheets for each pile. This pile as I just found out is called a signature. 20160614_171722.jpg



Meanwhile, cut your leather to your desired shape and size. I used the x-acto knife for the leather as well for the precision.

20160614_164338.jpgSee the carton at the bottom?

Find the middle of the leather and start stitching. I ended up using cotton thread which was not such a bad idea. I however recommend using nylon thread for this project.

This is how it looks from the outside….



… and from the inside


This is the mid-section for one pile of paper (signature). I used a total of 6 signatures.

I added some thicker thread and bamboo beads to complete the book.



And the book is done!:) My bookbinding journey is not though, expect more diy books soon on the blog.


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Stay happy!:) Lovely week ahead guys.