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Hey,  I know it’s been a while since I engaged y’all.  This is the case because for the past month I’ve had a lot on my plate. Also,  I wasn’t really organized enough to fit all my activities on said plate, so one aspect of my life had to suffer, that being my blog and hence you my dear readers. I’m sorry, I’m back now and about to blow your minds with all the DIYs I have lined up *if all goes well*.

As I was busy-beeing, I got some beautiful people to review some of the organic products I’ve been concocting and I’ve received nothing but positive reviews. See I have a vision to create all-organic beauty products that will be safe for my skin and general whole being. I want to tell you the reason I’m doing this is cause I don’t want chemicals I can’t pronounce on my skin.


Well there’s that,  but also,  I just loved the idea of me creating something specifically for me. Something meant for me. It makes me feel special *tears* and you guys, making home organic products is fun!! *cue crickets*

I started off my organic journey with making organic lip balm. It is arguably the easiest beauty product to DIY. Google and Pinterest were very helpful in this process. Each post I watched  or read taught me a few important things that I shall outline below:

  • Dry lips can be caused by a number of factors: Some fragrance in some of the lip products,artificial sweeteners, camphor and menthol, smoking, having no Sun Protecting Factor (SPF) can also be damaging to the lips.
  • Water does wonders for your lips, in any form, but it evaporates quickly without something to hold it there. Lip balms are made to hold the moisture in.
  • Exfoliation is a crucial process to achieving soft moisturized lips. This gets rid of the dry skin on your lips so that lip balm application will be smooth and the oils can seep into your lips for maximum moisture. You can do this by mixing a natural oil (read coconut oil) and granulated sugar (or salt) , then you gently rub the mixture on your lips in whatever way. I find that a circular motion works best!

Now on to this lip balm I keep talking about. I had specific requirements I needed my lip balm to fulfill:

  • Moisturizing: Coconut Oil and Shea Butter are natural oils and hence perfect for that!
  • SPF: Sun burns can dry lips and coconut oil offers good sun protection
  • Solid: I didn’t want my lip balm to be runny so I used beeswax for this function. Beeswax also acts as a layer of protection when applied to the skin, protecting the skin from environmental irritants and even the weather. Perfect for those windy or cold days.
  • Sweet: It’s going on my lips, I’ll probably get a taste of it and I wouldn’t want to cringe every time I lick my lips. Honey is a natural sweetener.
  • Fragrant: I’m currently loving Lavender essential oil,  it smells divine:) It also heals cuts and burns which I think is an added bonus.




  • Read product ingredients for allergen advice before using any of them
  • Test out each of the products separately on a small part of the skin if you’re not sure of your allergies
  • Ask your doctor about essential oils before purchasing. Some oils are harmful when used in large doses.
  • Immediately discontinue use of finished product if irritation occurs


Without wasting more time,

What you’ll need:

3 Tbsp Coconut Oil, I use Kenyan made Kentaste which cost around Kshs. 400

1/2 tsp Raw Honey

1 Tbsp Shea Butter, from Mali. I got mine from a Kenyan lady that works in Mali . She carries a few containers when she’s coming to visit her family then her nephew (Dominic 0715242956) sells them for her. Mine was going for Kshs. 1000. A lot goes a long way when it comes to this product.

2 Tbsp Beeswax shavings. I bought these from a guy online. He sells half a kilo for Kshs 500

20-30 drops Essential oil of choice (I use Lavender)

Empty Lip balm Containers that I got from @the_facial_addict on IG


How to:

This is the easiest part of this recipe.

First disinfect all equipment you’ll be using for your project. You’re going to be applying this product to your skin and we only want the good stuff. It’s the whole point of this project–> To reduce toxins and contamination.

I melted the beeswax and honey together in a double boiler.

Then I added the Shea first, followed by the coconut oil.


Once everything is well melted, mix everything up, I find using a wooden skewer works best.

You could leave it at this point and pour the molten mixture into your containers or you could do like I did, which is to add a few drops of essential oil. The more the number of drops the greater the scent. I used 40 for this batch. Careful when pouring to the little containers, the glass is usually pretty hot at this point.

And that’s it! You have yourselves the perfect organic lip balm for your chapped lips.

My product reviewers (a.k.a my mom,my baby sister, one of my best friends Em, Brigid and Shee  ) totally loved this! Don’t take my word for it though, try it out and you’ll let me know:)

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