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DIY Organic Scented Candles

Hey everyone:) My name is Moe and I’m a candle collector. I have a collection of candles and it only got worse once I learned that I could make my own candles, and using non toxic materials! Apparently, I’m not the only one, cause I’ve been giving candles as gifts to my friends and they love them, at times complaining that I never give them enough. Today’s tutorial is about just that. I’m making scented non toxic candles from pure beeswax and nothing’s ever been easier. In the long run it saves you a ton of money as well, cause store bought scented candles are quite costly and you have to kind of save them for special occasions only. What you’ll need; Beeswax Candle wick, or you could get one from an old candle like I did Toothpick/Wood skewers Essential oil (optional) Empty glass jar (cause it doesn’t make sense…

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