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Issa Rae (Insecure Season 2) Inspired T-shirts- Day 1 of #DIYcember

Issa Rae Inspired T-Shirts Someone call the fire department because I’m on fire! At least these T-shirts are. Insecure season 2 was lit yo! It was all kinds of feelings for me. I felt really sad for Issa, I mean, she had to move out of her house and live with her brother, she lost her car, might also lose her job and the worst thing about all this, she can’t have the man she loves, because well, she cheated on him and he kind of hates her. Damn:( Regardless, her T-shirt game was bomb AF! Literally ‘saying it with the chest’. I got so inspired to make mine as well and it’s unbelievable how easy these were to make. You need: Acrylic paint/ Fabric Paint – I got mine for Kes 400 at Science Scope next to Nation Center in the Nairobi CBD Clear Binding sheets- Had a bunch…

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