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Back To School: Fabric Bookmarks

It’s day two of DIY Back To School up in here and today we’re talking books. Not ati the actual books, (we’ll come to that) but the accessories to the books. I’m making bookmarks! Last year I did these tea-cup bookmarks out of paper and they looked super adorable. I had one problem with them though, paper is not as durable as I wanted it to be. I had to make other ones after like 3 months. There’s no problem with these ones though, these ones are perfect and way more durable cause I made them using fabric. What you’ll need: Scraps of fabric- I used bits of soft leather, hard leather and jeans. Fabric Glue – this costs around Ksh 75 in most fabric shops in the CBD. You could get yourself a tube as you head home even:), you know what, do it! I dare you. Pair of…

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