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Phone Stand from Empty Tissue Roll -3 ways (Recycling Project)

I love catching up with my favorite programs and series. A few examples of my favorites are; Being Mary-Jane (which is back for season 4 by the way!!), Blackish (who doesn’t love Bow?) and This is Us. However, I find that with crafting, studying and housework, I barely get enough time to watch my episodes undisturbed. I have therefore learned the art of multitasking. I watch the episodes while doing other activities, i.e, cooking, dressing, putting my make up on. One sad thing about that though, I can never find a stable place to place my phone and watch while I move around, especially in the kitchen. (as evidenced by my cracked screen). Being a DIY minded girl, I got to the internet to look for ways to solve this small problem of mine without spending a lot, and I found not one, but three ways to make a  phone…

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