diy fila hat
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Taking Stock 2- DIY Kufi hat

It’s been a minute since I had a taking stock. So much has changed in the last 8 months but that has more to do with personal growth and character. I’ve discovered what I  like and dislike, what I wanna keep and what I can’t hold on to anymore.  It’s just been amazing, so here goes… Making; sure that I enjoy life a little more this year. Its easy to get lost in all the craziness of life but this year I decided I’ll try live a little Cooking; Roast meat! Over the December holidays I discovered I have a gift of making the most amazing chicken roast meat like ever! my scarred hands will tell you a different story Drinking: Trying to up my water intake cause acne is no joke Reading: History of fashion. This was a gift from a really special person, actually the very 1st time…

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diy hair and body butter

DIY Shea Hair and Body Butter

The natural hair movement is huge around the world! Ever since its onset in 2013, hair relaxer sales have gone down a lot and sale of natural hair products gone up. I’m sure most of us have at least one (or ten) naturalistas in their circles who has a ton of hair products, or those friends that are all about natural beauty products. They will definitely appreciate this DIY Shea hair and body butter and will be loving you a bit more after you give it to them. What you’ll need; 8 Tbsp Pure Shea Butter- I got mine from a friend, he gets the Shea butter from West Africa. If you’re interested you could contact him on 0715242956 3 Tbsp Coconut oil- you could get this from any supermarket for about Ksh. 400 1 Tbsp Olive oil- you could also get this from any supermarket. The brand doesn’t matter…

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toilet roll phone stands
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Phone Stand from Empty Tissue Roll -3 ways (Recycling Project)

I love catching up with my favorite programs and series. A few examples of my favorites are; Being Mary-Jane (which is back for season 4 by the way!!), Blackish (who doesn’t love Bow?) and This is Us. However, I find that with crafting, studying and housework, I barely get enough time to watch my episodes undisturbed. I have therefore learned the art of multitasking. I watch the episodes while doing other activities, i.e, cooking, dressing, putting my make up on. One sad thing about that though, I can never find a stable place to place my phone and watch while I move around, especially in the kitchen. (as evidenced by my cracked screen). Being a DIY minded girl, I got to the internet to look for ways to solve this small problem of mine without spending a lot, and I found not one, but three ways to make a  phone…

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Earphones and Cable holders: 3 ways

We all love music. I have not found a soul that doesn’t like music. I mean preferences may change but at one point or the other we all shake our heads and move our feet to a certain tune. For me, I listen to music when I’m crafting or studying, I find that it helps with concentration and well, you don’t notice time pass by when you’re singing along to your favorite tunes. I like to have it play loud most of the time but there at times I need earphones. You know, when working out, walking on the streets and even on public transport. So I always…ALWAYS have earphones in my bag, but every time I get them out of my bag, I end up using countless hours (not that much) to disentangle them! And it used to drive me crazy! Of late though, entangled earphones are the least…

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Back To School: Pencil Cases

The 3rd and final day of  DIY Back to School is here:) In case you missed the first two, it all started by this revamp of the super comfortable Bata Ngomas and then DIY number two was some really pretty and durable fabric bookmarks. For this last bit, I made these trendy no-sew pencil pouches using jeans. I like these cause I’ve tried washing them and the glue holds perfect. Without wasting any more of your precious time, What you’ll need: Old Jeans- or any other fabric you may want to use Hot glue gun+ Hot glue sticks/ Fabric Glue/ Conta Glue Zip- depending on the size of the pouch you want Iron box- you don’t have to use this if your fabric is a sturdy one Pair of Scissors Pins (optional)   Bad and Boujee Start by figuring out the size you need and cut out two equal pieces,…

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Back To School: Fabric Bookmarks

It’s day two of DIY Back To School up in here and today we’re talking books. Not ati the actual books, (we’ll come to that) but the accessories to the books. I’m making bookmarks! Last year I did these tea-cup bookmarks out of paper and they looked super adorable. I had one problem with them though, paper is not as durable as I wanted it to be. I had to make other ones after like 3 months. There’s no problem with these ones though, these ones are perfect and way more durable cause I made them using fabric. What you’ll need: Scraps of fabric- I used bits of soft leather, hard leather and jeans. Fabric Glue – this costs around Ksh 75 in most fabric shops in the CBD. You could get yourself a tube as you head home even:), you know what, do it! I dare you. Pair of…

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How to: DIY Organic Coconut Honey Lip-balm|DIYbyMoe

DIY Organic Coconut Honey Lip-balm|DIYbyMoe Hey,  I know it’s been a while since I engaged y’all.  This is the case because for the past month I’ve had a lot on my plate. Also,  I wasn’t really organized enough to fit all my activities on said plate, so one aspect of my life had to suffer, that being my blog and hence you my dear readers. I’m sorry, I’m back now and about to blow your minds with all the DIYs I have lined up *if all goes well*. As I was busy-beeing, I got some beautiful people to review some of the organic products I’ve been concocting and I’ve received nothing but positive reviews. See I have a vision to create all-organic beauty products that will be safe for my skin and general whole being. I want to tell you the reason I’m doing this is cause I don’t want…

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Art, Wine and Cheese by Kanfasi- Glass Art with Kendi

The day was 29th April, a Friday evening. I was so excited to be attending Art and Wine the next day. I picked out the clothes I would wear, a pretty floral dress and strappy sandals. I had everything ready and got to bed early enough for a so called “beauty sleep”. I had everything ready! 30th April, a Saturday. 4.30 am. My alarm went off and I woke up immediately. There was something different though. It was raining crazy outside and the room was as dark as night. Then it hits me… no lights! This day couldn’t get any worse!:/ Fast forward to 2 pm when my friend Tony and I got to Warwick Center for the Art and Wine by Kanfasi. I was trying so hard to not think about the cold shower I had to take, changing my originally planned outfit and getting rained on (turns out my day…

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Burlap Accessories Holder

Hey y’all, it’s been a minute! Hoping everyone is loving the new month 🙂 I am totally loving mine and the reason is that I made the most bomb accessory holder ever! And it makes me so happy just looking at it every morning. Doesn’t it look pretty? To make this, You’ll need Frame, size will depend on the number of earrings you have. I used an old frame that was in our store for so long. You could even ask a carpenter to make a thin fame for you for cheap. Hot glue gun and glue sticks, or UHU, or Fabric Glue Hessian Fabric in Natural. (Fun fact: – The name hessian is attributed to the use of the fabric to make uniforms for soldiers from the German State of Hesse. The soldiers were called Hessians… a bit too coarse for poor soldier man’s crotch, don’t you think?) Hooks…

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Buttons!:) bet you can’t say the word buttons without smiling, right? Anyway, I made jewelry out of buttons and was so excited with how they turned out. You’ll need Buttons, assorted designs and colors Chain Earring hooks Stud findings Jewelry wire and pliers UHU adhesive Jump rings     Directions Grace’s earrings Using UHU, glue the stud findings to the button and that’s it, you have your really simple and cute earrings   Grace’s neck chains Cut off a bit of wire and wrap it around the button as though it was a bead. Hook the wire to a chain and you’re done:) For the second one, arrange buttons on a piece of wire to make a pendant. Attach the pendant to a chain and you have yourself an amazing neck-piece for cheap   My earrings Cut off some bit of chain and using jump rings, secure buttons at different…

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