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Earphones and Cable holders: 3 ways

We all love music. I have not found a soul that doesn’t like music. I mean preferences may change but at one point or the other we all shake our heads and move our feet to a certain tune. For me, I listen to music when I’m crafting or studying, I find that it helps with concentration and well, you don’t notice time pass by when you’re singing along to your favorite tunes. I like to have it play loud most of the time but there at times I need earphones. You know, when working out, walking on the streets and even on public transport. So I always…ALWAYS have earphones in my bag, but every time I get them out of my bag, I end up using countless hours (not that much) to disentangle them! And it used to drive me crazy! Of late though, entangled earphones are the least…

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