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Can-Do Attitude

Hey people, Today’s DIY is soda-licious! January (njaanuary) is here with us and is it just me or does the sun feel like its only 10 meters away?! Afternoons are just unbearable and I’ve found myself asking for ice cold soda to accompany my lunches. Now, is this in line with my new year resolutions to stay fit? Well of course not (duh!) , but whoever has a problem with that can pick it up with the sun.(talk to the hand emoji) Anyway, one day as I was enjoying my cold can of coke (honestly salivating as I write this), I noticed the recycle part and I got curious cause I’m always throwing them out. I know I’m not the only one. 15 hours on Pinterest and I think I got the perfect way to recycle your soda cans, heck even your beer cans, whichever you get to first. So…

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