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Salty Vibes – 10 ways to use salt at home

Hey you guys!:) January is finally over! It was dry and mighty, but we survived and we will live to tell the njaanuary tales, lol. The past month was not all bad all the time, for instance we had the #saltbae or #saltman that brought us to tears with his meat salting technique. The video is about a Turkish restaurant owner who’s a bit extra with how he handles and seasons his meat. In case you missed that, first of all, what hole do you live in?? and 2nd, here’s something  to help you get up to speed. In line with this, I thought it would be best to share other salt uses, 10 to be precise, that is of course apart from seasoning your meat. 10 ways to use salt at home Remove lipstick marks from glassware. You know how your lip stain at times gets stuck to your…

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